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What is BodyTalk™?

BodyTalk™ draws upon time-tested health disciplines as diverse as meditation and the energy dynamics of acupuncture, the principles of Chinese medicine and advanced yoga...and as current as applied kinesiology, bioenergetics, dynamic systems theories and quantum physics. It's an effective, natural healing modality proven in documented research and clinical experiences from around the world

A basic difference between BodyTalk™ and some traditional techniques is that in BodyTalk™, the individual's body/mind directs the BodyTalk™ facilitator to apply the appropriate sequence

Your body/mind's innate wisdom knows what is needed to end chronic physical and emotional pain and to get well -- and most importantly -- what the proper healing sequence must be.

This provides a truly individualized approach to re-establish your health and well-being.

To identify, prioritize, synchronize, and balance these priorities, a part of BodyTalk™ is a bio-energetic feedback system of "Yes" and "No" communication which is set up between body/mind and the facilitator. In this gentle partnership process, tapping and breathing techniques are used to activate, stimulate and "tap into" your own energetic potential to heal by optimizing communication and the powerful function of your body/mind to achieve its balance, harmony and wellness.