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Success Stories

"I suffered from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia which made me exhausted with constant back pain and inability to concentrate or even enjoy living. After I received the most basic BodyTalk™ protocol balancing, I now have increased energy, greater mental clarity, no more back pain, and--while still working full-time--attended massage school four nights a week. And I can enjoy going out and having fun again." 

-- J.W., St Petersburg, Florida

"I am a 46-year old chiropractor in private practice since 1980. I injured my lower back when I was 18, and it seemed to heal normally. What I didn't realize was that the injury caused my lower back to degenerate. Only four years ago, after a car accident and having x-rays, did I see that I have less than 20% of the lower two discs in my spine left, with much arthritic spurring. I was unable to walk or stand without tingling and burning in both lower legs, irritated nerves and muscle spasms. After spinal injections failed, I was headed for surgery. With a series of BodyTalk™ sessions, I no longer have constant back pain, feet or leg pain and I am still feeling relief after three months."

-- Dr T.C., Pinellas Park, Florida

"At the age of 75, I had a severe stroke. After my stroke I was unable to read the newspaper. With his BodyTalk™ technique, Harvey was able to help my vision so that I can now easily read the newspaper again. I have more energy, no depression, no more dizziness, and I no longer bump into things as I did after my stroke. I feel much better and more optimistic about my future."

-- H.S., Tampa, Florida

"In just 2 BodyTalk™ sessions, I had significantly less pain in my jaw, neck, knees and hips. After 2 more sessions, I was pain free, sleeping better at night without interruption, and feeling much more energy and physical ability during the day."

-- D.C., Largo, Florida

" I want to share with you about my 82-year old Dad, and the wonderful results that he experienced with BodyTalk™. My Dad had suffered 2 strokes, a heart condition and poor circulation, and needed a walker just to get around. Recently one night, he called me for help. He had fallen out of bed, was in great pain and asked me to call 911 to get him to the hospital. There the doctors put him on monitoring and medication and told me that they would do what they could to "keep him out of pain." They asked me twice if my Dad had a living will, and advised me to confirm funeral arrangements. Then at a local support group meeting, I shared that my Dad was dying. A new friend encouraged me to have Harvey Pearlman visit my Dad in the hospital and do BodyTalk™. Meanwhile, my Dad had been transferred to a nursing facility for custodial care. He was flat on his back and unable to move his legs. Harvey Pearlman did just 20 minutes of BodyTalk™ and the color came back into my father's face immediately following this short session. My father was able to speak much better! Within 3 days after the BodyTalk™ session, my Dad was released from the nursing home by the very same physicians who had admitted him, finding no health condition to justify keeping him there. The doctor was amazed at the dramatic improvement and saw no need to see Dad for 2 months! I am so thankful that God has put Harvey Pearlman into my life and that such wonderful things happened with BodyTalk™. It did, please understand, it did!"

-- K.A.J, CEO 
Health Institute, Inc, St Petersburg, Florida

"Remember that gastrointestinal condition that I was plagued by for over 20 years? Well, I must sincerely thank you for that one BodyTalk™ session, which has not only helped, but has basically eliminated that entire challenge. I had allowed myself to believe that nothing could be done about it, and actually began to accept it as being normal which is what happens when you live with a problem for so long. It was one thing to feel all that pressure subside within a few days, but to realize that your BodyTalk™ has had a permanent, long lasting effect on my condition is the most incredible outcome that I have ever experienced! Thank you for sharing your expertise with me. I am forever grateful!"

-- B.D., St Petersburg 

"This past month I had my first three BodyTalk™ sessions with Harvey Pearlman. So profound has been his impact on my life and health that my 72 years of life now seem to be divided in two parts --- before Harvey and after Harvey.  "Before Harvey" days were characterized by sleep deprivation, exhaustion, and bouts of fibromyalgia. My daily routine was defined by my energy level rather than keeping plans.  The most noticeable change, after the first session, was more peaceful sleep and also a quality of inner peace that I have never experienced in my entire life! Also, I am feeling better about myself and my relationships have improved.  Since my memory has improved, I am studying to qualify for my Reflexology credentials. As I continue my work with Harvey, I am having the amazing experience of deciding what to do on a given day and then doing it! I look forward to more miraculous transformations as I continue my work with Harvey."

-- J.G., St. Petersburg,
Licensed Psychotherapist (N.Y.)

"I saw an article in a local women's magazine about a massage therapist who looks within for health. I thought this sounds exactly like what I need for my terrible pain from a fractured back and heart condition. I had been seeing a chiropractor and a doctor of osteopathy for 1 1/2 years, and they were able to help me improve about 20% after trying every approach that they knew. When I told my chiropractor about the article about Harvey, she was very supportive. Harvey called her and for at least an hour, they discussed my history and condition and what Harvey's approach would be. Before I first went to Harvey Pearlman, I had so much unbearable pain that I was even considering taking drastic measures. After just speaking with Harvey on the phone, I noticed that I felt much calmer and more relaxed, and my angina pain began to gradually disappear. Now after 5 weeks of BodyTalk™, I have no angina pain, and my back pain has reduced by 90% and for the first time in over a year, I can lean back in a chair without any discomfort whatsoever. Harvey is a very caring person and talented BodyTalk™ practitioner- he listened to my concerns and was patient and understanding. This made me feel safe and at ease with trusting him with my care. I am feeling more energetic, happier and more confident about my future--and for being 88 years young, I think I am doing pretty darn well!"

-- H.M., Seminole, Florida

"I chose to receive BodyTalk because I had chronic sinus problems and lingering pain in my right kidney area. I had the kidney area discomfort for 2 years prior to receiving BodyTalk. Previously I had seen a doctor about this condition and he wanted to keep me on pain killers. After seeing my M.D. I also had sessions with a Rolfer and a massage therapist. After receiving two BodyTalk sessions my pain lessened significantly! I also feel more focused and things that used to annoy me don't. I feel I have a better state of mind and being. My sinus problems, migraines, and menstrual pains were significantly better.

-- K.R., Tampa, FL

When I met Harvey, it was sort of by accident. My husband is a driver for the elderly and handicapped.  One day he was picking up a lady at Harvey's office, someone he had picked up before but hadn't seen for a while. She was saying how wonderful she felt, and he was able to see the difference in her.  He made an appointment for himself and I went along "for the ride."  

After talking with Harvey for about 10 minutes, I made an appointment for a BodyTalk session. Looking back, I had been feeling sick and tired for several years. I was depressed, felt like crying all the time and had lost interest in all of my hobbies and past interests.  My husband and I are planning a cruise to the Caribbean and possibly around the world and I couldn't even get interested in that. I didn't have any energy and had to drag myself out of bed each morning. 

After 4 BodyTalk sessions my depression is gone and I don't feel like crying all the time anymore.  I have been able to get interested in my sewing and needlework again and have finished a couple of projects which I had started two years ago. I am looking forward to getting our boat back into the water and moving back on board.  I have been able to come up with some interior design ideas with my needlework.  I have more energy than in the past and can get up in the morning without any problems.  My asthma has been easier to control and my vision seems to be improving also.  I find I have to take my glasses off at work when working on the computer.  I have also been able to speak up for myself, especially at work, something I never was able to do before, and I have been able to share some of my ideas for making the job easier to fellow employees. I feel mentally stronger and more confident, which is something I don't remember ever feeling before (I was a wimp).

In other words, I'm back and (I think) better than ever and it feels great! I'm sure that after further sessions with Harvey, things will get even better. I am enjoying life more and look forward to each new day.  I firmly recommend Harvey and the BodyTalk System to anyone with an open mind who feels their lives need improvement in one way or another.

-- P.S., St. Petersburg