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Body Talk™ A Revolutionary Self-Healing System

Over the years I've written many articles telling you about the newest shops, galleries, and restaurants. I even throw in the occasional article relating to the latest medical breakthroughs. I've told you about products I've tried, emerging artists worth taking a look at, and services provided by individuals I felt you, the reader, would benefit from, using my personal experience as testimony.

The New St. Pete News has always been a clearing for those people, places and things that not only needed the exposure, but who brought beauty, joy or vital information I felt needed to be shared with the public. The credibility lies in the fact that I don't charge for an article I write and you don't have to be an advertiser to appear in my publication. When I do write about a particular business or a service that's provided, I write from my heart and I write about what moves me. I'm probably more open minded about certain things, especially if it has to do with health-related services as I've been on a quest to find relief from the pain caused by Spinal Stenosis, Osteo-arthritis, and Rheumatoid Arthritis. All are debilitating and all crippling forms of disease that have no known 'cure.'

My brother Alan attends Unity Church where he met Harvey Pearlman. Whenever a family member is in crisis it becomes a family affair to help search for anything pertinent to the problems in question. I'm not exactly sure how Alan started the conversation that led me to Harvey, the only thing that matters is that I was opened- minded enough to follow up on his lead.

I had met Harvey years ago when he was practicing Massage Therapy. A mutual friend named Brenda, introduced me to him and his girlfriend Jean. When Brenda was transferred to Colorado I lost track of them until Alan happened to meet Harvey at church. He had taken a new path in the health field and felt certain he could help me. After re-acquainting ourselves on the telephone I agreed to meet with him, only after I filled out a nine page health form I downloaded off his website. I remember thinking how embarrassing it was to place a check mark after almost every question pertaining to symptoms of swelling in the joints, pain, fatigue, depression, hormones, weight gain, bloating, irregular bowel patterns, hot flashes, night sweats, and basically overall malaise. I drink too much coffee, I don't exercise regularly, I make poor food choices, I don't get enough sleep or rest and I never drink water! Sounds all too familiar right? I bet this has eight out of ten women reading this shaking their heads and saying, 'YES!'

What happened next is unexplainable, not only by me, but by Harvey himself. Like he'll tell you, 'I'm just the facilitator and I only do what your body tells me to do.' This brings me to the name of the service he facilitates, 'Body Talk™.' I'm sure many of you reading this may have heard of this modality and if not Body Talk, you may have heard of Kinesiology. It's similar in the way the muscles respond to yes and no questions that have been agreed upon between the facilitator and the body in question. In my case Harvey had me place my right hand on my bare belly. My hand raises up off my belly for yes answers and remains still for no responses. There's a chart he follows where the questions range from problems with your major organs down to the cellular level.

I'm going to stop right here to say that I nor does Harvey, make any medical claims, diagnoses, or prescribe medication. The procedure is non-invasive. Besides using your hand to obtain the necessary 'Yes & No' answers, the only time you will be touched is when Harvey needs to 'Wake Up' the body by using a series of thumping or light tapping motions on the head and/or over your heart. You are fully dressed while lying comfortably on a table.

I conducted interviews with many of Harvey's patients who were suffering from one malady or another. The most common success stories told to me were those related to CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), Fibromyalgia, ADD, (Attention Deficit Disorder) and Epstein- Barr virus. These disorders, found mostly in women, are commonly misdiagnosed and patients who suffer from the painful symptoms of these diseases are normally told they're psycosomatic, meaning all in their heads. Although physicians are now recognizing the symptoms of these diseases and even labeling them with a diagnosis, the biggest hurdle is finding a suitable treatment for the thousands of people who suffer from them.

I've had a difficult time writing this article because first of all it's a personal subject and the concept called 'Body Talk™' is certainly not mainstream medicine. All I can tell you is that after my first visit with Harvey I had moments of clarity that are indescribable. At each session Harvey and I agreed to allow my own body to decide which areas we would address. If I was having a particular symptom for example a sharp pain in my leg or my sinuses were blocked, he would start the treatment with that in mind, but when I would get home I noticed multiple symptoms had been alleviated.

I recently sent a friend to see Harvey after traditional treatments had been exhausted with no relief in sight. Her pain had subsided after the first treatment and when the symptoms reappeared he was able to successfully treat her over the phone.

Like I said in the beginning, I am not going to make any medical claims as each person is different as are their symptoms. From diabetes, to heart disease, neuromuscular problems, extreme virulent virus, and even Alzheimers, patients have found incredible results. There is NO disease too big or too small for a BodyTalk™ session to be performed and Harvey welcomes all of your questions about your particular problems and/or about BodyTalk™. He will even be happy to speak to your group or organization.

I will tell you that every time I go out now people stop me with a puzzled look on their face and ask what's different about me or say how great I look. I feel the best I've felt in ages and was recently released by a Rheumatoid Arthritis Specialist. Harvey is accepting new patients, free consultation available, and can be reached at (727)438-9911. You can also contact him or find out more about 'Body Talk™' at his website,

The BodyTalk™ System of Healing with Dr. John Veltheim

If necessity is the mother of invention, then it follows that desperation is a catalyst for inspiration. That was the situation for Dr. John Veltheim, an Australian chiropractic physician, principal of the Brisbane School of Acupuncture, author of acupuncture manuals, Reiki master, and philosopher. He built both a successful practice and clinic in Australia, but paradoxically it was the love of his profession that brought him nearly to death's door: he was diagnosed with a highly acute case of Epstein-Barr Viral Infection/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome that was so extreme he could barely function for just a few hours each day. He exhausted the available treatments in the allopathic medical field as well as acupuncture, chiropractic and Reiki and arrived at the point where he was told 'There's

Because he was not ready to accept that his life was over at such a young age, Dr. Veltheim began a rigorous exploration of the available ancient and modern holistic, alternative modalities. He was led to New Zealand where a 'tapping and breathing with focused visualization' system was practiced that alleviated symptoms for people with CFS, fibromyalgia and ADD/ADHD. Dr. Veltheim gladly chose that treatment and three months later there was no trace of Epstein-Barr virus found in his body or liver. This technique is an essential part of the BodyTalk™ System today. When Dr. Veltheim asked about any plans to proceed further with those techniques, he was advised there were none and he was free to develop them.

Fortunately for us, one of Dr. Veltheim's passions is philosophy and this broadened the scope of his quest to create a solution to end his health crisis. Over the next thirty years he studied, combined and coalesced a wide variety of alternative and holistic components from Western and Eastern cultures, refining them to synergistically maximize their effectiveness as he developed what is certainly 'greater than the sum of all its parts' ' The BodyTalk™ System of Healing. Dr. Veltheim's vigilance was rewarded as his health was recovered and he began teaching the specific principles, protocol and techniques, so there are now about several thousand practitioners worldwide and it is taught in over 20 countries.

A very tangible part of BodyTalk™ is the use of neuromuscular biofeedback, which is based on kinesiology ' this is a process of using muscular response to indicate a state of strength or weakness, usually to identify whether substances are beneficial or undesirable for us. This concept is adapted for use by the BodyTalk™ practitioner to establish communication with each client. In this way, the specific re-balancing or synchronization needed for each person can easily be identified in the exact sequence needed for healing to progress successfully. The good news is that the most beneficial treatment, lifestyle and modality choices that are appropriate for each person can be accurately and specifically followed ' no more wasted time and effort doing something that worked really well for someone else but doesn't make any difference for us!

People have enjoyed 'exceptional' results with BodyTalk™ ' real people who now have new possibilities for their futures, instead of more limitation, pain, despair or even death. A system for self-healing is a phone call away.